Just Released April 2024!

The Evil Men’s Book Club, a novel by T.C. Schueler, published April 2024. Front cover art description: Three friends drinking beer in a bar; man in center looks normal, dress shirt and tie; man on left has glowing pink pupilless eyes and a suit accented with glowing neon stripes at lapels, sleeves and cuffs; man on right has a mohawk, dark sunglasses, hook right hand, and a severely disfigured mouth with left cheek mostly missing and all teeth exposed – like a giant gruesome grin. In the near background, a curvaceous waitress in a red halter-top belly shirt and denim daisy dukes brings another round of beer.
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It’s November 1998. The beginnings of Y2K paranoia have gripped the nation, and uprisings long-thought dead in South America threaten to spill over into the United States …

But these concerns don’t phase the members of the Evil Men’s Book Club, an off-color fellowship formed by buddies Trevor Pug and Loo Spicotti. The rules are simple: select an “evil” book and convene at a bar. That’s it. Reading is optional—drinking beer is not.

It’s Saturday night and Trevor’s troupe of lightweight literati have again gathered at their favorite Silver Spring watering hole to sling insults and make puns. While dissecting this month’s dark reading selection, seven friends are accosted by a desperate vagrant the locals know as Prophet. When the knuckleheads rebuke the man for panhandling, Prophet curses them:

You’re gonna get arrested … lose your jobs  …  your women are gonna go bad  … then you’re gonna die! 

It is the homeless man himself who is found dead the next day—a tragic happenstance, surely, but is there more? One by one, the club members find out as their lives begin “going south.” It starts with an accident, alcoholism, and a funeral.  Unseemly dreams begin and soon after careers are ruined, friendships severed, and secrets exposed. 

Then the untimely deaths start.

Behind it all is a crazy mix of bikers, guerilla warfare, old money, gunrunning, extortion, cultism, kidnapping, PTSD—even St. Nick! 

Curious? Come to a meeting to find out more.

More from T.C. Schueler…

22 Dutch Road, a novel by T.C. Schueler – order this book online!
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Literary Titan book award
2021 Indie Book Award finalist

An estranged son drives twelve hours to collect badly needed money from his father’s estate. The same ugly McMansion still sits behind a security wall, but there are new features: a gaudy slate roof, a 70s-style conversation pit, and nearly two dozen statues posted along the wall like sentinels. It makes no sense: Billy Buchanan’s father was broke; where had these fierce looking, obviously valuable sculptures come from? Forced to spend the week at 22 Dutch Road, Billy begins believing these samurai-styled carvings can talk to him by day, and worse, move at night – his father might not be so dead after all.

T.C. Schueler lives with his family outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. 22 Dutch Road is his first novel. By day, he uses an engineering degree to restore degraded wetlands and streams. By night, he lets the monkeys out to write down the madness.

Praise from Reader Views: “T. C. Schueler did an amazing job at drawing a perfect contrast between family acting like strangers and a stranger becoming practically family overnight, which seemed to be one of the morals of the story. I loved the author’s dark humor and smooth writing style as well. The characters were witty, the conversations smart and conclusive, making this a real page-turner. I honestly can’t recommend this story enough. It was a fun roller-coaster ride of emotions.”

A Note from the Author…

As of 2015, 2.2 million Americans were incarcerated, the world’s largest prison population (Source: World Prison Brief). Access to reading improves rehabilitation rates, but prison libraries often lack the volume of books to meet demand. Fortunately, several dozen not-for-profit groups assist the incarcerated by providing free reading material. Within our jail systems, personal books are popular and are often traded; it is not uncommon for a book to change hands and be read several times. If you would like to assist Mr. Schueler in providing copies of his books to worthy not-for-profit organizations such as those listed adjacent, please contact him.