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An estranged son drives twelve hours to collect badly needed money from his father’s estate. The same ugly McMansion still sits behind a security wall, but there are new features: a gaudy slate roof, a 70s-style conversation pit, and nearly two dozen statues posted along the wall like sentinels. It makes no sense: Billy Buchanan’s father was broke; where had these fierce looking, obviously valuable sculptures come from? Forced to spend the week at 22 Dutch Road, Billy begins believing these samurai-styled carvings can talk to him by day, and worse, move at night – his father might not be so dead after all.

Author T.C. SchuelerT.C. Schueler lives with his family outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. 22 Dutch Road is his first novel. By day, he uses an engineering degree to restore degraded wetlands and streams. By night, he lets the monkeys out to write down the madness.

Praise from The Reading Bud: ★★★★

“When I started reading the book, I was instantly pulled into the plot with a great opening … I’d recommend it to all the readers of sci-fi fiction-fantasy and paranormal and horror fantasy fans.”