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In my personal opinion, T. C. Schueler did an amazing job at drawing a perfect contrast between family acting like strangers and a stranger becoming practically family overnight, which seemed to be one of the morals of the story. I loved the author’s dark humor and smooth writing style as well. Th… Read more

Author T. C. Schueler creates a sympathetic protagonist in Billy early on through numerous internal stream-of-conscious flashbacks. Billy’s childhood was traumatized by his irresponsible father, who may or may not have been connected to the mob. Despite his poverty and considerable mental baggage,… Read more

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22 Dutch Road is emotionally engaging while consistently being entertaining. You will enjoy being plunged into this world of talking statues and mysterious paranormal phenomena. If ever there was a book worth taking the time to read word for word, this is it. The characters are rich and believable,… Read more

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22 Dutch Road by T.C. Schueler is a very unique blend of and a cross-over of a lot of interesting genres such as Paranormal horror thriller with elements of sci-fi fantasy and speculative fiction but still giving off the overall vibe of a fantasy read. So many things happen in this book that it is h… Read more