T.C. Schueler

Author T. C. Schueler creates a sympathetic protagonist in Billy early on through numerous internal stream-of-conscious flashbacks. Billy’s childhood was traumatized by his irresponsible father, who may or may not have been connected to the mob. Despite his poverty and considerable mental baggage, he’s got a solid sense of humor (when his mother asks him how the estate looks, he quips, “Like Van Gogh vomited.”
Billy also has an extremely active imagination. Or is it schizophrenia? Atmospheric and lighthearted – complete with eccentric neighbor Stan Rutmeyer and his dachshund Mr. Peebles – 22 Dutch Road picks up considerable steam when Billy observes his first paranormal experiences at the mansion. From there, Schueler has plenty of nice surprises in store that will win over readers looking for a satisfying horror comedy.

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