Yea! I was a finalist for something!

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I entered 22 Dutch Road into some internet contests and heard back from the first one yesterday. The novel was one of seven finalists for the “horror” category for the 2020 International Author Network (IAN) Book of the Year Awards. Yea me! Now I didn’t win, and I don’t know if I was in the top 7 of 1000 entries, … Read More

What is horror, exactly?

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Help me out, here, please. My novel 22 Dutch Road is supposed to be a horror book, but my monkeys aren’t sure if it’s got enough, well, to put it bluntly, gore. (Allergen alert: copies of the book are printed in facilities which also process gore). Is gore necessary for a “horror” book? Per’s definition: “Horror stories are designed … Read More

Marketing Monkeys

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According to my monkeys, the easy part of writing a book is writing it; the follow up to get the word out, to “market,” that’s the real work—little did I know. Seriously. Holy heck! My wife (Head of Marketing) and I are discovering the ins and outs of getting reviews, blogging, contests, fair pricing, and oddly enough, how to sign … Read More

A Great Escape

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Okay, so it’s out there: my novel, 22 Dutch Road, a book weaving such diverse elements as dachshunds, samurai, schizophrenia, economic insecurity, panic rooms, octogenarians, corrosive paternalism, and Tasers, all together. Why read it? If you like dark fantasy (think Stephen King) and want–or need—an escape from life’s anxieties, it should deliver for you, or so my monkeys tell me. … Read More