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According to my monkeys, the easy part of writing a book is writing it; the follow up to get the word out, to “market,” that’s the real work—little did I know. Seriously. Holy heck! My wife (Head of Marketing) and I are discovering the ins and outs of getting reviews, blogging, contests, fair pricing, and oddly enough, how to sign one’s name in cursive after not having done so for 35 years. (My handwriting wasn’t lovely then and certainly isn’t now and all those loops tend to confuse me.) The “launch” has been good for me; it has forced me to finally embrace social media at least in part (Facebook) where I’ve learned that I know more people than I thought I did. They have apparently for the most part: prospered, reproduced, put on weight, gain social or political conscience, acquired cool hobbies, have traveled, et cetera. In full disclosure, I have done some of those things, too, but mostly I go to work and play with the dog, who, in more complete disclosure, has also done most of those things, too.
Last blog highlighted my two cents about Stephen King and how readers who appreciate him may like my book. Another author who I admire is another readers’ household name, Dean Koontz, author of Intensity, and about a thousand other good novels. I really enjoy his work.
Hey, before I forget, for all you e-book consumers out there, 22 Dutch Road is available as a download now, so if that faster, less expensive and more carbon-neutral format is to your liking, go for it!

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