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Below is the complete Writer’s Digest review, including an opinion on the cover for 22 Dutch Road:

“The cover is a great indication of the tone and content of the story, but I think it would draw in a wider audience if it was a little more polished. Something as small as changing the font of the title and making the text there one color would help to simplify and unify the image presented and come across more professional. The rest of the book is designed pretty well, but in my version, there was a page where it looked like the chapters were supposed to be listed and weren’t. Perhaps that was a glitch in the digital version that I read. What most impressed me with this book was the way the different genres and subgenres of fantasy and other elements of horror, mystery, thriller and suspense, even some well-placed moments of comedic levity, all melded together to create a cohesive story with an engaging plot and interesting characters. I would have liked to see the characters a little more distinctly developed but there’s so much going on in this book that it made sense for them to act the way that they did. I very much appreciated how new it all felt to read. I haven’t seen tropes and world-building like this joined together before and that was really exciting. The multitude of things to untangle and solve were all fun to follow along with and made the length of the book not feel so daunting. I’m interested to see what the author writes next!” — Judge, 8th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

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